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Best Fall Books Sneak Peek 2018

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

There are so many fantastic Fall books out right now but here are my recommended must haves that are getting rave reviews across the board.

Best Fall Books 2018

Whiskey in a Teacupby Reese Witherspoon

My favorite thing about this Whiskey in a Teacup is that it reads like a giant memory book of Reese's nostalgic southern past and upbringing. It is clear that she cherishes the fond memories of her sweet grandmother Dorothea and relishes those memories throughout this book. From recipes to southern etiquette, how to hot-roller your hair and southern colloquialisms, this is one not to be missed. I found myself flashing back to memories from my own childhood and wishing I was back there again.



Work Partyby Jaclyn Johnson


Talk about motivational. If you are an entrepreneur, have worked in or on your own business or aspire to start a business of your own one day, I encourage you to read Work Party. And if you are a woman, and need to feel encouraged by another woman's ingenuity to quite literally create and cultivate her own brand and company from scratch, then Jaclyn Johnson is one woman's story you may not have heard. In her debut book, she tells her journey from startup heartbreak to breakout success and all the learning curves in between. There are so many nuggets of wisdom throughout this book that are not to be missed. Be sure to follow along on social as well @workparty.


Make Something Good Todayby Erin & Ben Napier

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Written like a love letter to one another, Make Something Good Today perfectly encapsulates what we see as viewers on the outside looking in on HGTV's sweetest couple since Chip and Joanna on the home design reality tv show "Home Town." Erin and Ben Napier have written a memoir about their lives growing up in small town Laurel, Mississippi, falling in love with one another and their deep appreciation for the old South and simple living. The book is a scrapbook of sorts complete with handwritten notes, old pictures, and quotes leaving us inspired and wondering if the life they created was somehow manifested exactly they way they planned from early on. An inspiring read from beginning to end.


Pull Up a Chairby Tiffani Thiessen

Photos: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Long before she was breaking hearts as Kelly Kapowski on Saved By The Bell, Tiffani Thiessen has had a long-time affinity and passion for home style cooking and all things cozy cuisine as she shares in her latest book, Pull Up a Chair. She brings you right into her kitchen and side by side with members of her sweet family where she dives right into some of the yummiest, yet approachable delicacies we can attempt in our very own kitchens. From breakfast nachos, to sweet corn soup, to lobster BLT lettuce wraps, braised tri-tip, and her mom's cream cheese pie, there is nothing in this cookbook that does not sound mouthwateringly tasty. Everyone who has seen it on my kitchen counter insists that they must own it immediately, followed by the sound of their stomachs rumbling and asking what I'll be making from it for dinner. To which I respond, "Pull up a chair."


Cravings: Hungry For Moreby: Chrissy Teigen

Photos: Clarkson Potter Publishing an imprint of Penguin Random House

Proving that models really can cook (her words, not mine!) Chrissy Teigen proves once again in this, her second cookbook Cravings: Hungry For More that she is more than just a powerhouse inspiring mom and hysterical tv host/sidekick, but she is a veteran homechef and always comfortable in the kitchen and in front of an audience. Always willing to give tips and tricks both in the kitchen and in #reallife, Chrissy spares none in this book as well. Complete with exotic recipes for crispy coconut chicken tenders, pad thai carbonara, and crab fried rice, she doesn't leave out the more comfort foods like shake and bake chicken with hot honey, peach and brie grilled cheese and skillet peanut butter chocolate chip blondies either. Clearly she infuses all her cultural influences in the kitchen and it shines through in this book. Mmmm, speaking to sweet southern soul right there, Chrissy.


Did I miss any? There are a few others in my queue as well that I may add an addendum to this post! I've got a stack of new books on my desk to read through the upcoming holidays!

Can't wait to hear what you guys think when you get your hands on these books!

Let me know in the comments below.

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